Single-source supplier for hot environment

Summary: Our world can be hardly imagined without the product ‘lime‘, and due to its application in environmental protection, it has virtually become ubiquitous to anyone. Quality demands, the variety of available lime products and, above all, the environmental restrictions for production sites have increased significantly and will continue to do so. For the factories, this means continuous optimization of processes and the necessary auxiliary circuits as well as further investments in new firing technology. As a consequence, automation requires the reliable recording of measured values with narrower tolerances.

In the lime production process, measurement technology for the measuring of filling levels, flow rates, pressure, temperature and for analytical purposes is required in varying quantities and of unequal importance. The basic requirements for safe plant operation concern all measuring instruments:

● Reliable physical measurement principles
● Robust technology
● Easy handling of field devices

The environmental conditions in the lime works are harsh: sunshine, wind, rain, dust, heat, cold and partly even vibrations exert a constant influence on the devices. In this ambience, measuring technology...

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