Critical raw materials

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Protecting the climate, the environment and resources while at the same time ensuring efficiency has become an important economic factor, not least visible in the development of so-called green technologies, such as Electromobility or wind turbines. Rare earth elements (REE) occupy a key position for the production of the high-performance permanent magnets required for this purpose. The market for REE is currently dominated by China. In the context of a German-Brazilian research project, which intends to oppose alternatives to this monopoly, Bochum-based researchers investigate the possibilities of marketing sustainable high-performance magnets from Brazil. Read the article from p. 34.


In the course of the debate on the supply of critical raw materials, an increasing revival of mining is also to be observed in Europe, not least with the aim of avoiding expensive imports due to long delivery routes and improving the supply to European metalworks. Background information, numbers and data can be found in the article by Dr. Joachim Harder from p. 44.


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