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Not a day goes by without discussions in the media about the energy turnaround, CO2 savings, sustainable mobility etc. This is only possible with advanced technology, and this in turn requires high-quality raw materials. The term „critical raw materials“ immediately comes to mind: Lithium, Cobalt, rare earths ... The article „Critical Raw Materials – Company Insights“ will take a closer look at how companies operate, where raw materials come from and who can ultimately dispose of them. It also takes a global look at availability and producing mining companies. As always, Dr. Joachim Harder of OneStone Consulting Ltd. provides a well-understood and in-depth look at this exciting topic (p. 37).


In the construction industry, less critical raw materials are used, but aggregates are used in large quantities and standardized quality. Sustainability is also an issue there. The company Poullard SA has launched an ambitious project to produce concrete from recycled materials. It built the country‘s first processing plant for washed recycled aggregates to recycle concrete blocks and rubble from demolition sites into sand and gravel. Read more about this project, which will help conserve sand and rock resources from seabeds, mines and lakes, starting on p. 32.


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