Raw materials

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Most of the industries are unable to work without raw materials. But how can they be extracted reasonably, cost-effectively and as environmentally compatible as possible? Some of the articles in this issue of AT MINERAL PROCESSING deal with this problem. A focus of the third Berlin “Mineral Byproducts and Waste” Conference was on the legal prerequisites for the recycling of demolition waste so that it will again become secondary materials for the building materials industry. Under the headline “Framework ordinance on the home straight?” is a comprehensive report on the results of the conference (from p. 13). “Domestic European resources” is the title of another contribution on the topic of raw materials (from p. 58). Here the FAME project is presented. This covers a combination of economics, science and specialist authorities initiated by the Freiberg-based Geology Competence Centre (Geokompetenzzentrum Freiberg). The focus of this project is the efficient processing of lean ore deposits, which, however, contain a substantial amount of tin, tungsten and other metals.

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