DIY wear protection

Reparable wear protection

PUCEST® products are cleverly devised innovations completely co-ordinated to work in the field to perfectly meet the needs of the industry. They are developed as “real” problem solutions. Supplying wear plates, even with cast-in perforated plate, for lining bins and hoppers, trough and chutes, charging and run-out hoses, or scraper skids, the company manufactures products to cover a wide range of applications.


New innovative highlights in wear protection
The newly developed Hexagon Protector

The PUCEST® Hexagon-Protector (Fig. 1) is a completely new design and functions according to a simple principle: part of the feed material that impacts on to the plate is collected in the hexagon apertures and then assumes a wear-protective load-cushioning function. This ensures a substantial slowdown of the wear effect. Another advantage of the impact plate results from its elasticity. Coarse-grained material (e.g. gravel) does not break on impact. Other benefits are the simple handling and installation with a combination of plates or hexagon plates, with PUCEST® Tix, or bolting for the lining of feed bins, metering flaps, vibrating channels, mixer floors and run-out chutes.


The newly developed PUCEST® “Rounded Corner”

The PUCEST® Rounded Corner prevents caking of ma­terial in corners. Material is fed onto the PUCEST® wear plates, e.g. Hexagon-Protector. This optimizes the material flow. Fig. 2 shows PUCEST® in combination with the Hexagon-Protector plate. The PUCEST® brand aims to combat the weaknesses of traditional wear materials. The composition of the materials is designed to meet the needs for extreme wear protection so that they satisfy the highest requirements while remaining practicable in their application. One competitive advantage is their reparability compared to traditional wear protection materials.

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