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Dependences exist in the most different fields - both in the professional and private everyday life, in research as well as in industry. For example, the pricing of products or the business success of a company depends, amongst other things, on supply and demand. In his article Australia’s mining industry in the doldrums (from p. 62) Dr. Joachim Harder describes the interaction of the raw material requirements of individual countries and the available raw material supply or the conveying capacities.


In his article Roller crushers and mills in coarse and fine grinding (from p. 56) Dipl.-Ing. Karlheinz Merz shows how process-related and product-specific requirements determine the optimum effectiveness of  crushing technology, which is also a dependence.


You will find interesting insights into the latest results of research in the report on the annual meeting “Mineral Processing and Recycling 2014” in Freiberg (from p. 14). In addition to lectures on the history and state of the UVR-FIA GmbH and the newly founded Helmholtz Institute in Freiberg, the focus of the conference was on the recycling of building materials, mechanical process engineering as well as biometallurgy and hydrometallurgy.


In conclusion, you will find further reports on new products and process-engineering innovations in the fields of wear equipment, potash and salt processing, crushing and grinding as well as dewatering and drying under the category FOCUS INDUSTRY (from p. 24).


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