Dragline bucket replacement parts for cable dredgers

Since the old-established company Hendrix ceased trading, there have been repeated bottlenecks in getting replacement parts. Many dragline buckets for cable dredgers of this make are still in operation at dredging lakes. APEX Fördertechnik has specialized in the sale and distribution of all key wear parts for this traditional brand and, on behalf of the French manufacturer IEV (Intercontinental Équipement Verdun), is the exclusive distributer of all key parts for the former American manufacturer all over Europe (Fig.).

In the production of new components for the established Hendrix dragline buckets, extreme precision and wear resistance are the most important factors: pull and suspension chains must be made in good quality and withstand high loads. Eyes for attaching the pull chains and pull chain shackles are therefore cast in one piece and are not welded. The same applies to the cutting edges in which the blades and sides are made from one piece. Pull and suspension chain links are generously sized to be very powerful in order to withstand the enormous forces and permanently high wear. For gravel extraction under water Hendrix dragline buckets rely on an extremely rugged design and fully welded structures for components under load.

In the internet, at www.apex-foerdertechnik.de/47/ersatzteil-konfigurator, APEX Fördertechnik provides a fast graphic tool to support procurement of the right replacement parts. From “tough” to “rough”, APEX Fördertechnik also supplies complete dragline bucket systems as part of its range: from standard design (type STD) for soft soil types up to “Extra Heavy Duty” cable dredger shovels (type XHD), which can cope with rougher operating conditions at blast sites with ore rock.


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