Dragline bucket in Denmark

A new SENNEBOGEN 690 HD duty cycle crane was delivered to the company Per Larsen by Danish sales and service partner UN Mobilkraner in mid-2014 (Fig.). The 690 is being used with a dragline bucket to extract gravel, excavating around 220 m³ per hour.

Business is good for Danish company Entreprenor Per Larsen in Kalundborg. In order to be able to work more efficiently in the future, the company invested in a new 90 t duty cycle crane from SENNEBOGEN. Equipped with a powerful 447 kW diesel engine and two 25 t freefall winches, the operator digs around 220 m³ of sand and gravel per hour from a depth of around 10 to 15 m.

“Since our machines are in almost constant use, we need reliable and robust equipment,” said Managing Director Per Larsen in explaining the decision to purchase the crane. “Once we determined that our last duty cycle crane could no longer perform as needed, a new machine had to be acquired as quickly as possible,” summarized Larsen. A supplier was found swiftly in SENNEBOGEN sales partner UN Mobilkraner, which was able to deliver a suitable machine with little delay.

The new SENNEBOGEN duty cycle crane, with a 32 m boom and a 5 cyd dragline bucket, was happily received by operators and supervisors upon its arrival in June. “The performance and efficiency of the new duty cycle crane won me over immediately. The machine is easy and safe to control – the best machine I’ve ever had the pleasure of operating,” gushed operator Hardy Bruhn.

Per Larsen is using the new machine almost exclusively for sand and gravel extraction, supplying its customers in the construction industry. “Both 25 t freefall winches operate at top speed and drag the scoop bucket across the seafloor almost effortlessly,” praised Bruhn.



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