SENNEBOGEN 655 duty cycle crawler crane in France

A new SENNEBOGEN 655 duty cycle crawler crane has last summer started digging tons of sand and gravel in the Île-de-France region of France. In July 2015, the French sales and service partner Sygmat delivered the 55 t material handler to the customer A2C matériaux (Fig.). A family-owned enterprise, A2C has been working in the field of sand and gravel extraction and further processing for over 50 years. Around 1.2 million t are extracted from gravel pits in the region of Île-de-France and supplied to concrete and prefabricated part plants. The material for this is classically extracted using the 55 t duty cycle crawler crane using a dragline bucket. With the attached 2.5 cyd dragline bucket, the driver only needs 40 seconds to retrieve the gravel from a depth of up to 10 m. 

The SENNEBOGEN 655 HD‘s sturdy mechanical components are particularly well-suited to dynamic tasks. They include extremely wide, robust sheaves which reliably guide ropes and can withstand huge loads. Then there is a second slewing gear, which comes into its own particularly when the 655 HD is used with a dragline bucket, because as well as providing extra torque it also saves huge amounts of time when emptying the bucket. And the newly-designed fairlead keeps lateral movement in the luffing rope to a minimum thanks to a pulley rope guide in the lower boom section. The 655 D is equipped with a 261 kW strong diesel engine that reliably drives the two 16 t freefall winches. An extremely robust slewing ring and two strong slewing drives combined with the 24.3 m long lattice boom make the machine an optimum partner for extraction.



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