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Flotation of Metallic Ores – an Overview, Part 2

Summary: After the authors had described the fundamentals of the process, the reagents used and had presented a historical survey regarding the various types of apparatuses in the previous issue – AT MINERAL PROCESSING 5/2015, p. 68-80 – the second part of their paper focuses on the practical use of floatation. Metal ores are classified due to their mineral and chemical characteristics and processing examples are provided, referring to various mineral processing plants worldwide.

5 Flotation of metal ores

Metal-bearing ores can be classified as follows for the purposes of flotation [29]:

“Class b” metal sulphides and “borderline” metals, in particular lead, zinc, copper, nickel, bismuth, antimony and mercury

Carbonates, sulphates and silicates of metals such as lead, zinc, copper, etc.

Polar salt-type minerals containing cations of alkaline earth metals such as Ca, Mg, Sr and Ba – e.g. scheelite, calcite, ­dolomite, magnesite, fluorite, apatite, celestine and barite

Metal oxides, arsenates, silicates and alumina silicates

Water-soluble salts of alkali and alkaline earth...

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