Conventional technologies in the processing of metal ores have advantages on the market 

Current trends in the processing of metal ores

Summary: Flotation systems for metal ore processing are a good example for the fact that conventional technologies have advantages on the market. With respect to efficiency, they have not only drawn level with advanced processes, but have also improved the “economies of scale”. The following report provides background information and market data.

1 Investment in plant and market data for flotation systems

The market for investments in the mining industry is currently under great pressure. The reason for this is the lack of new investment due to low metal prices and the austerity measures implemented by large mining companies, as well as the Junior Miners’ lack of capital. After corporate investments had declined in 2013 by nearly 40 %, and had been cut in 2014 by another 25 %, investment cutbacks of only about 10 % were actually expected for 2015. However, the current situation is that further budget reductions of more than 17 % are...

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