New flotation technology for improving cost and performance

Froth flotation is the most industrially significant process for upgrading a wide range of mineral systems. Most operating concentrators have a flotation line. The majority of these operations use mechanical tank cells for the lion’s share of the flotation requirements. According to test results, the StackCell™ two-stage flotation cell developed and patented by Eriez® achieves higher efficiency compared to conventional mechanical tank cells – with a reduced size of the units, lower installation costs and also lower operating energy costs.

Mechanical tank cells have some advantages. Firstly, they can float ore that is not fully liberated, which enables an initial separation with high recovery. However, this does not necessarily achieve a practical level of enrichment. Secondly, they are relatively robust and simple to operate, which is advantageous for handling ore variability and operator training. Thirdly, the stirred tank cell unit operation has been shown to be scalable, in other words, the feed to the unit can be increased or decreased by making the cells larger in a way that is well understood. Finally, the scale-up rules...

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