Flexible impact protection

Baffles in new modular construction support the increasing cost awareness of entrepreneurs - and all that without compromising reliable wear protection. A new development ensures the optimization of impact wear protection: the PUCEST® fan baffle (Fig. 1). This system consists of individual modular panels of different materials which can be freely combined. By combining the PUCEST® PU module panel with highly wear-resistant hard metal and/or steel plates for utmost impact wear protection it is possible to react to most different kinds of wear stress. The use of wedges or dampers results in additional reliability and stability. The noise protecting properties of PUCEST® PU leads to significant noise reduction. The PUCEST® fan baffle allows simple and quick removal of worn module plates and their replacement by hard metal plates or steel module plates at places with the highest wear (Fig. 2). Due to the short time required for the simple assembly of the modules hardly any costs arise for maintenance and servicing when worn parts are exchanged.



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