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Ever scarcer fossil fuels, exhaust gas problems and growing awareness of environment and climate protection coupled with the unrelenting demand for mobility are promoting the development of battery-powered drive solutions. Lithium is a key raw material in the production of these batteries. In the paper headed “New era for lithium” the lithium market will triple within the next 10 years, and reports on production capacities as well as – with a view to large-scale energy storage in the future – on capacity expansion projects in the lithium mining industry.
The second paper “Sensor-based sorting of quartz using multi-channel laser detection” references the sorting of quartz pebbles to present the technology developed by TOMRA Sorting Mining. This enables structural analyses of the feed material and achieves very good differentiation of the materials to be separated, irrespective of their colour.


In addition to various reports on past conferences and trade fairs as well as announcements, for instance on POWTECH and steinexpo, in this issue of AT you will find various case studies from mining, conveying, crushing and screening and the treatment of fly ash from municipal waste incineration.

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Ulrike Mehl


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