For very high or extensive bulk material beds

Apullma’s new mobile MB650 VTR stainless steel belt conveyors are designed for particularly high and/or extensive bulk material beds (Fig.). For this purpose, the mobile conveyors equipped with trailer coupling have a particularly short wheel base so that high bulk materials cannot cover the wheels so easily: two thirds of the length of the belt conveyor are free-floating. Thus, conveying of the bulk solids may even go far into deposits.

Apullma’s new mobile belt conveyors are made from stainless steel and suitable for all materials that shouldn’t be conveyed on ordinary steel structures. These materials include moist, abrasive and corrosive materials such as fertilizers or salts. If a wheel does get buried, Apullma’s mobile conveyor can still be pulled out of the material bed torsion-free, even it has to be pulled to the left and right first. For this purpose, the wheel axle is connected by means of a stiffened frame to both the rear chassis and the belt structure. Despite this particularly rugged tractor-like design, the mobile stainless steel belt conveyors can easily be moved manually.

For design with, for example, 12 m length, the mobile stainless steel belt conveyors – when operated flat – can be pushed up to 8 m above already heaped material. In the case of a material bed with 22 degrees inclination, the distance from the conveyor head to the front first wheel is still 4 m at a working height of around 6.5 m. It is therefore possible to reach particularly high-built material storage. The conveying rate of the new MB650 VTR stainless steel belt conveyor equipped with drum motors is 2.1 m/sec. Higher and lower rates are possible on request. Lorries are finished unloading in 10 – 12 minutes. The length of the belt conveyor can range from 6 to 15 m depending on requirements – with a strengthened structure even up to 25 m are possible. The height of the feed hopper measures 65 cm and is optimized for filling from trucks. The discharge height can be flexibly adjusted with hydraulic cylinders or, if required, with a steel cable winch. Individual designs also with conventional steels are available at any time on request.



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