Four Full-Portal Reclaimers for PhosAgro­ Cherepovets

Over the six-month period to January 2017 the AUMUND Group company SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH will supply multiple machines to the Russian Fertiliser concern, PhosAgro Cherepovets (Fig.). Back in 2014 SCHADE won the order for a full-portal reclaimer for the urea plant PhosAgro 1. The 200 t/h reclaimer has a 54 m rail span and will be delivered in August 2016. SCHADE won this order thanks largely to its reference equipment in Dakota in the US as well as at OAO Ammoni in Mendeleevsk, also in Russia. The machine at Mendeleevsk was commissioned quite recently, in the summer of 2015.

In January 2017 SCHADE will deliver to PhosAgro another two full-portal reclaimers, each with a capacity of 100 t/h, a rail span of 44 m and weighing 144 t; for its new plant extension for the production of potassium salt, ammonium sulphate and NPK. With this equipment the very aggressive material can be reclaimed via two conveyor belts. As well as the machines, SCHADE is also supplying the engineering and know-how for the plant. The package is completed by the order for a third full-portal reclaimer for PhosAgro with a capacity of 400 t/h and a rail span of 44 m, which will also be delivered in January 2017. This machine will be used in the 3 x 10 000 t NPK production facility.




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