Fully automatic proportioning plant with a capacity­ of 26 tons in 3 minutes

The quarry company Stricker und Weiken places its trust in fully automatic technology and their own know-how as regards the loading of transport vehicles. This results in optimum plant utilization, but also in a reduction of the particulate pollution. Since recently the quarry company is able to load also bulk transporters quickly and dust-free due to its ultramodern proportioning plants. This is possible due to an in-house designed, trunk-like adapter. Now the test period has been concluded. Thus, the various lime and primary products can be directly filled onto trucks and also in heavy big-packs of up to 1.5 t for small companies and private individuals as well as in the above-mentioned bulk transporters (Fig.). With the investment in the ultramodern plants, the Hemer-based quarry company has improved its product quality many times.

Altogether, Stricker und Weiken have two computer-controlled proportioning plants for both the mineral mixtures usual in trade and the grain categories for individual customers. Mainly mineral and rock mixtures for road and sports ground construction as well as for paving are mixed in the four-bin system set up in 2005. The five-bin system set up in 2009 makes it possible to produce the various mixtures of the extremely high-quality asphalt and concrete aggregates. If necessary, the adapter “Made in Hemer” is also used in this plant. 



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