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The continuous optimization of existing plants or proven process technologies serves to make production processes more efficient and effective. The technical article „From operating principle to concrete application“ (from p. 40) illustrates this by means of the development of maintenance-free cleaning and scraping systems in the field of conveyor and belt systems – especially by the example of AirScrape, DustScrape and TailScrape from ScrapeTec Trading GmbH. In addition to compliance with dust protection guidelines and safe workplace design, the use of these systems also has a positive effect on the operating cost balance.

Against the background of decreasing copper ore contents, what are the advantages of real-time analysis of the ore quality of the conveyed flows between mining and processing of copper? Information on this can be found in the technical paper „Improve copper processing“ (p. 50 ff.). Two case studies illustrate that using real time elemental analysis, among other things, has proven beneficial in optimizing ore feed quality, and reducing unnecessary processing of waste quantities.

Further examples of improvements in the operating respective production process can be found in the case studies in our section Focus Industry starting on page 15.


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