Getting things going

After the turn of the year, everybody starts work again with new vigour and immediately we are again right in the middle of ongoing projects and processes, and we always have in mind the discussion of new approaches and the further development of existing processes in order to make the mineral processing processes more efficient and effective.

Right away in the first issue of the new year you will find contributions reflecting some of these trends. Thus, the HAVER ENGINEERING GmbH presents new approaches to the granulation of mineral fertilisers, which will result in higher throughputs and an improved quality of the fertilisers (from p. 56). Dr. Harder reports on advances in fine grinding and classification – in particular taking into account the potential for energy saving of new grinding and classifying processes, which still is nowhere near being exhausted (from p. 42).

In our category Focus Industry (from p. 21) we keep you informed with reports from the fields of process control and analysis methods, screening and classifying as well as about more efficient methods regarding coal extraction.

Finally, here is a tip concerning events: The annual Berlin Recycling and Raw Material Conference will take place on 16 and 17 March 2015, and the two trade fairs SCHÜTTGUT Basel 2015 and RECYCLING TECHNIK Basel 2015 will open their gates on 6 and 7 May.

We wish you success and the best of luck as regards all future challenges and projects in 2015!

Ulrike Mehl


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