Good Prospects

Dear Readers,

Though we are only in the middle of the year 2019, you should already pencil two important events into your 2020 diary! The European Mineral Processing and Recycling Congress (EMPRC), launched by the GDMB in 2018 will take place for the second time in 2020 and abstracts of the conference lectures can be submitted as of now. The starting signal has also been given for the steinexpo 2020. The preliminary planning works on the trade fair grounds have been completed and the exhibition documents can already be requested. More detailed information on the two events can be found in our section Follow-Ups from page 8 (steinexpo 2020) and from page 11 (EMPRC 2020).

In addition to current product information and application reports in our section Focus Industry from page 22, two specialist articles deal with exciting developments in both the European and the global mining industry.

The third and last part of the report on Mobile Mineral Processing Equipment: The State of the Art (from p. 48) provides an overview of commercialised mobile processing systems. Further developed and adapted accordingly, the concept of mobile processing technology is perfectly suitable for the environmentally friendly exploitation of the mineral resources in European deposits.

The global happenings on the capital market are in the focus of the article by Dr. Joachim Harder starting from page 60. He addresses the question of how important exploration companies are within the mining industry and the current prospects in this branch of industry with a view to the development of new raw material sources for the so-called ‘trend metals’. These include gold as well as the so-called ‘battery metals’, such as cobalt, nickel, zinc and lithium, which, in view of the future technologies, provide high growth rates – both in production and price development.

Enjoy your reading

Ulrike Mehl

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