HAVER IBAU India announces name change to HAVER & BOECKER India

Starting April 1st 2019, HAVER & BOECKER India Pvt. Ltd. will be the new name of HAVER & BOECKER Indian subsidiary, today known as HAVER IBAU India Pvt. Ltd. In 2008, the company started its operation as a 100 % subsidiary of HAVER & BOECKER’s machinery division (Germany) and its daughter company IBAU HAMBURG (Germany). “Our initial focus was the Indian Cement Industry and this we wanted to show also in the name. With HAVER & BOECKER and IBAU HAMBURG we combined the names of the two leading companies in the field of (un-)loading, storing, mixing, transporting, weighing and filling all types of bulk materials,” explains Dr. Fabian Festge, former Managing Director of HAVER IBAU India until 2013 and todays General Manager of HAVER & BOECKER.


The name change to HAVER & BOECKER India symbolizes the organizations motivation to fill the demands of all of its customers, being the local gateway to all Indian customers for every solution offered by the German premium technology manufacturer. “Our goal is to offer the complete machine division line of HAVER & BOECKER products and services in India” says Norbert Wirth, Managing Director of HAVER & BOECKER India since January 2018. Beginning a new era in the activities of HAVER & BOECKER’s machinery division in India, HAVER & BOECKER’s wire weaving division continues its activities through HAVER STANDARD India Pvt. Ltd, a since 1988 well established joint venture between Standard Wire Products Group and HAVER & BOECKER.



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