Hellmich – Solutions for clean air

D‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ust and dirt in operating premises, on machines and at belt transfers do not only cause high maintenance costs, but in the worst case even production losses. Sophisticated systems are needed to avoid and remove them. The Hellmich team offers its customers from all over the world a comprehensive one-shop service, from the analysis of problems via engineering and production to assemblage and regular maintenance. In essence, the company has been dealing with dusts and their removal for over 50 years. The customers are aware which costs dirty operating premises and production plants are causing. Hellmich knows the problems of cleaning large areas and machines and ensures the effective extraction from rolling mills, belt transfers, crushers and sieving plants.


The hose filter plants, for example, are fully automatic and continuously functioning dedusting plants. The air volumes to be filtered range from 4000 Bm³/h to 120 000 Bm³/h and guarantee adherence to all threshold values. The robust and hence long-lasting technology works even with abrasive dusts. Individual solutions based on know-how and high-performance production “Made in Germany” provide optimal support for our customers. In the sector dedusting technology, the specialist delivers central vacuum cleaners, dedusting plants, silo add-on filters or automatic kiln car cleaning.



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