Wear protection

High-performance coatings exactly as needed

Summary: In modern machines and other systems, it is frequently the quality of the surface of essential components which decides the correct functioning and performance of the system as a whole. Even in system elements weighing many tonnes, material losses of only a few micrometres or milligrams can sometimes be enough to trip off malfunctions, and cause shutdowns or even high-cost repairs. The causes, and the possibilities for rectification, are extremely diverse, and “off the shelf” formulae for elimination should therefore be avoided. It is, instead, recommendable to consult appropriately qualified specialists for such tasks, both for new developments and when repairs are needed.

Ralf Altheimer, CEO of Eposint AG, of Islikon/Switzerland affirms: “The properties possessed by surfaces are playing an ever more important role in components for mechanical and plant engineering”. (Fig. 1) The material for such parts is generally selected on the criterion of its capability to withstand the mechanical and, frequently, thermal stresses occurring during operation, whereas its surfaces are often required to resist totally different loads. Of particular importance are, for example, protection against chemical and corrosive attack, resistance to wear caused by abrasion, tightness...

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