High pressure grinding roll technology at the next level

Metso’s latest development in comminution equipment, the HRCTM (Fig.), contains several key innovations in order to increase throughput and decrease total cost of operation in the profitable application of high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) technology.


Metso’s patented Arch-frame creates an even gap setting across the width of the tires, limiting skewing that can result in downtime for mining operations. This anti-skewing Arch-frame also prevents damage to the roller bearings (caused by misalignment) that can occur with the traditional HPGR design. Used in place of spring-loaded cheek plates, the flanges keep the bed of material within the crushing zone and prevent material from bypassing the tires. This enables greater circuit capacity and increases the overall crushing efficiency. In addition, by preventing material from bypassing the tires, even pressure across the width of the tire is better maintained. By distributing the pressure more evenly, the tire life is maximized by preventing a “bath tub effect,” in which the center of the tire wears faster than the edges.


The HRCTM provides with other notable benefits, such as

• Hydraulic cylinders are positioned to create a compact ­design while still providing excellent crushing strength

• Dust enclosure minimizes dust and reduces noise

• Transporter facilites a safe and fast tire replacement

• Feed hopper include liners designed for long life

• Studded tires maximize tire life by building up an auto­genous layer


The HRCTM is ideal for high-tonnage, hard rock applications and can be used as a tertiary, quaternary or pebble crusher. Currently, several HRCTM units are in operation around the world – with a total of 6500 operating hours including over 3800 hours in a mining hard rock application. The machine does have range within hard rock applications: it’s been designed for use in diamond, iron ore, copper, gold, platinum and various industrial minerals.



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