Hope it keeps its momentum

AT MINERAL PROCESSING: At which of the two trade fairs
(SOLIDS Dortmund 2014 or RECYCLING-TECHNIK 2014) will you exhibit?

VHV: Just as in recent years, we will be exhibitor at the SOLIDS Dortmund.

The SOLIDS Dortmund  is an important and an inherent part of our  VHV-agenda.

AT MINERAL PROCESSING: Why do you exhibit at the SOLIDS Dortmund?

VHV: As a manufacturer of innovative conveying technology, we build the suitable conveyor belts for all fields dealing with the conveying of bulk materials. We seize the chance to present ourselves as a supplier of conveying equipment.

AT MINERAL PROCESSING: Which innovations will you present?

VHV: VHV Anlagenbau developed numerous novelties in module technology for belt conveyors. They provide considerable technical improvements, but also economic advantages. An essential aspect is the modularity, also in consideration of the extensive safety regulations. Here, maintenance costs depend to a large extent on the accessibility and the easy maintenance of a plant.  These innovations are integrated in all VHV belt conveying systems, which provides customers with further advantages. This also includes the VHV cover belt conveyor and the double belt conveyor which continue to enjoy great popularity.

AT MINERAL PROCESSING: What do you wish for the future of the fair?

VHV: For the future of the fair, we hope that it will keep its momentum and that the promising extended fair concept will prove to be successful.

AT MINERAL PROCESSING: How do you evaluate the co-location of the RECYCLING-TECHNIK with the SOLIDS Dortmund?

VHV: Co-locating the SOLIDS Dortmund with the RECYCLING-TECHNIK increases both the fair’s level of awareness and, at the same time, the number of exhibitors and visitors, as the industry is presented with further product offers. For  VHV Anlagenbau, it is in particular the recycling industry that is very important.

Stand E 10

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