Hosokawa Alpine AG

Hosokawa Alpine will be exhibiting at POWTECH 2013 alongside Hosokawa Bepex GmbH, Hosokawa Micron B.V. and Hosokawa Micron Ltd. Together they will present their range of machines, plants and turn-key systems for the processing powders, granulates and bulk solids for the food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals and metals sectors.

New TTD and TTS air classifiers

Hosokawa Alpine is extending its product portfolio with two series of air classifiers. The Turbo Twin Double ultrafine air classifier, TTD for short (Fig. 1), is the first new development from the leading supplier for ultrafine air classification. The classifier developed in 2011 is ideally suited for the application range from soft to medium-hard minerals at high throughput rates, for example, in the production of filler materials. The patented classifier wheel geometry of the Turbo Twin permits high throughputs and loads at high fineness to d97 = 2.0 μm. Thanks to the low pressure loss, the TTD impresses with its high energy efficiency. Savings up to 25 % can be achieved. Six sizes are currently available: 200, 315, 500, 630, 800 and 1000. The second and latest development is the Turbo Twin Single, TTS. This air classifier is part of a series of newly designed single-wheel classifiers. The development is based on the proven ATP/NG technology and impresses with its compact design. The TTS is designed for medium-to-high fines throughput in the mineral flour and filler industry. As for the TTD, the key feature of TTS is the low pressure loss and consequently reduced energy consumption.

Particle size measurement with the Optisizer

Many plants for the production of powders and bulk solids are operated without integrated measurement of the obtained particle distribution. With the Optisizer online particle size measurement, production can be operated very much closer to product specifications without compromising on quality (Fig. 2). At the same time, plant capacity can be increased and energy input reduced. With a permanent particle size measurement integrated in the production processes, current measured data are always available to the plant operator and control system. The integration of the Optisizer systems in the plant control system can range from a simple data display to automatic readjustment of ­operating parameters. With the knowledge of the actual particle size distribution, the plant operator has the option to selectively influence the process as he can run it much closer to specifications. Consequently new possibilities are opened up for the increase of capacity and reduction of costs.

The Optisizer uses laser diffraction to determine the actual particle distribution in the material flow several times per second and plots the data as a continuous diagram. In comparison, a manual random sample is really just a “snapshot”, which can lead to the wrong conclusions being made. The Optisizer particle measurement sensor is available in three measurement ranges, covering the particle size range from 0.5 μm to 1100 μm overall. The system is suitable for a large number of materials and can be used both for small laboratory plants and production plants with a tube cross-section up to 80 cm. The Optisizer can be retrofitted to existing plants.

During POWTECH 2013 the HOSOKAWA teams will inform visitors about the company’s other product developments.

Hall 4; Stand 231


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