Hybrid technology in crushers

At the Mawev Show in Enns/Austria from 18.-21.03.2015, Rockster is presenting the world’s first Parallel Hybrid Impact Crusher, which was nominated at the 2014 World Demolition Award in the “Innovations” category (Fig.). One of the biggest French road construction companies, Eurovia France, had given the impetus for the engineering of an impact crusher that can crush more but at lower fuel consumption. And while primarily needing to be economical with fuel, the new crusher also had to reduce emissions, operate with low noise and utilize resource-saving technology where possible.

The Rockster R&D team worked hand in hand with various experts in the hybrid field to profit from the know-how and to implement the necessary new components. The new drive reaches full torque in milliseconds and any peak loads are managed thanks to the Powercaps, which store energy. Accordingly, consumption is reduced, the output can be kept constantly high and the crushing rate improved by up to 30 %.

After eight months in operation at Eurovia France, Operations Manager Laurent Perraguin is very satisfied with the new crusher: “We produce up to 450 tonnes per hour recycled demolition waste, that is almost 30 % higher than we got previously. With the hybrid solution, the crushing rate is very constant and the fuel needed could be reduced by 30 %. The investment in the newly developed crusher has been absolutely worth it, we shall probably reach our ROI in less than a year.”


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