Dear readers, 

The mining industry faces important challenge, as outlined in the report on “Global mining trends 2018". Although commodity prices are on the rise again, most markets are still facing high costs and severe competitive pressures.

One of the challenges of the mining industry is the ­efficiency improvement in the comminution of ores.In the current issue of AT, we are therefore pleased to present the VeRo Liberator® – a newly developed plant, that applies a completely new, mechanical ­comminution principle, which applies high-velocity, high-frequency impact comminution.

Please also take the opportunity to obtain more information concerning new developments in the processing of raw materials at the first European Mineral Processing and Recycling Congress, taking place on 25 and 26 June in Essen.

Wishing you many new impulses

Dr. Petra Strunk, Editor-in-chief AT MINERAL PROCESSING


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