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The CO2 footprint or CO2 neutrality is on everyone‘s lips and affects all branches of industry, whether the building materials industry, automotive industry, etc. And CO2 reduction is also an issue in the mining industry. However, the difficulty here is that there is not just one product class, but we have many different ores, mining, processing and transportation methods. This makes comparability difficult. Nevertheless, in his article „ Reducing CO2 emissions – Pathways for decarbonization in mining“ (from p. 46),  Dr.  Joachim Harder succeeds in identifying reduction options across different mining sectors and demonstrating their efficiency. A whole range of measures are already being implemented more or less successfully, such as electrification in the transport sector, the optimization of energy-intensive grinding processes and the use of recycled materials. Specific figures, data and graphics show the current status and possible future developments.

Recycling is also the keyword for the report „From feeder to filter press – The new wash recycling plant at Albin Borer AG“ (from p. 38). Every year, thousands of tons of construction, demolition and excavation waste accumulate, waiting to be fed back into the material cycle. Albin Borer AG, a Swiss construction, infrastructure and materials processing company, was looking for recycling options to process these materials. The solution was a wet processing plant from Terex Washing Systems. With the help of this system, construction waste can now be turned back into saleable building materials.

Dear readers, many more exciting applications and product innovations await you in this issue – we hope you enjoy reading it

Dr. Petra Strunk

Editor-in-chief of AT MINERAL PROCESSING


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