Raw material extraction

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There are approximately 3500 dams for processing residues in the mining industry worldwide – and the trend is rising due to the decreasing ore content in the mineral deposits. If such a dam fails, it can lead to serious mudslides – as happened 2015 in Brazil or 1985 in Stava/Italy. The article “Disposal of ore processing residues” from page 52 shows where the development is going and which solutions are available apart from the construction of retention basins.

Drones can make a major contribution in the planning and expansion of quarries, which drone is the right one for which project – read the answer from p. 34 in the article “Managing quarries flexibly, fast and cost-effectively with the help of drones”.

To use quantitative data for the optimization of reprocessing processes and above all to determine quantitative structural data – the contribution “Characterization” from p. 66 deals with this exciting topic.

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