Intelligent weighing

Marketed as the “pSeries”, the new wheel loader weighing system from Pfreundt complement the company’s established range and WK50 series models. Key features of these new scales are their simple and fast operation, precision and reliability. In compliance with the European standard, they can be calibrated in the accuracy class Y(b) after MID.

The scales consist of the central weighing unit »pBase« and one of the two electronic display units »pSmart« or »pControl« (Fig.). pBase centralizes all weighing-relevant processes: from hydraulic pressure and inclination measurement through weight calculation  to storage of the weighing results in the long term storage. For the hydraulic measurement, a new digital double pressure sensor with built-in temperature measurement is integrated in the electronics casing. In »pBase«, the new weight calculation is also performed, which optimizes weighing during loader operation.

Installed in the front of the loader and coupled with the position sensors, »pBase« determines the shovel content dynamically during the lift movement and transfers the values to the operator electronics »pControl« or »pSmart« for display and further processing. Besides the interface for the compact and rugged delivery note printer, »pControl« supports a wide range of software and hardware options for application-specific upgrading of the scales. With two camera interfaces, the scales colour display can be used simultaneously as a monitor, e.g. for a reversing camera – a safety option promoted by the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Quarry Operators (StBg). For the transfer of weighing and master data to a PC, »pControl« has interfaces and options for transfer by means of USB stick, GSM, GPRS, WLAN and CAN. If required, an external keyboard can be connected to a USB port. On the USB stick that comes with the scales, the customer receives a test version of the new PC software for the industry »pOffice«. Besides data processing, »pOffice« organizes the transfer of the weighing and master data between the »pControl« electronic display and the PC. The program is also compatible for data transfer with the WK50 weighing system.

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