Invitation to the general meeting of the DSIV

The next general meeting of the German Association of the Bulk Solids Industry (Deutscher Schüttgut-Industrie Verband - DSIV) will take place in Basel within the framework of the Bulk Solids Fair on 6 May 2015. The exact location is still to be announced. You will find more detailed information on the website of the association (//" target="_blank" > Since the general meeting will be a public event, the executive board would be glad to welcome also interested guests, who are not yet members of the DSIV.

The DSIV is the pool of people and companies that are dealing with bulk solids in many fields. In particular, this refers to the production, storage, handling and processing of bulk materials. It contributes to and promotes the exchange of views between the members. Furthermore, it provides information regarding all problems of interest in this field. More than 1000 companies in the German-speaking area are connected with the bulk solids processing industries. The range of activities extends from plant planning to the delivery of individual components for the processing of bulk solids. The association safeguards and promotes the interests of the companies and supports them with regard to institutions and the overall economy. There the companies are provided with a platform for communication and for the exchange of views. The qualification, information and further training of the junior employees, experts and executives is a matter of priority concern for the association.


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