Lamella separator for sedimentation

The Swiss company Kies und Beton AG specializes in processing sand and gravel. Up to 200 t/h high-grade material is processed in its modern processing plants. The waste water produced during processing is laden with fine loam and silt particles. The existing water treatment plant consisted essentially of an overloaded sedimentation tank and a modern chamber press. This combination could no longer be operated economically on account of the rising demand for process water. It was now a question of integrating this equipment so that largely automatic water treatment could be realized at little expense. With the help of a lamella separator from Leiblein GmbH, the particles are so efficiently removed from the waste water that the cleaned water can then be recirculated. Overall an assembly space of around 4 x 4 m is needed (Fig.). For a solution based on a conventional circular thickener for the same application, a basin with a diameter of around 16 m would be necessary. The plant is designed for a throughput rate of around 200 m³/h water. Besides the limited space requirement, the minimized use of flocculants is another advantage. Compared to a circular thickener, an around 30-% lower consumption can be expected.

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