Making Russia more attractive for ­junior miners

MINEX Russia 2013 Mining and Exploration Forum will be held in Moscow from 1-3 October 2013. Russia ranks among the top ten countries in terms of mineral reserves. According to experts, the level of mining production in Russia is about 125 billion US$. Russia does not only produce minerals for the domestic market, but is also the world‘s leading exporter. However, compared with other major mining countries, the number of junior companies operating in Russia is clearly not proportionate with the mineral potential of the country. Without foreign junior miners, Russia has seen the slowing of new discoveries of mineral deposits as the companies are focusing on the development of the economically viable minefields discovered during the Soviet times while exploration of the new deposits is often put on hold “until better times”.


In 2011 Russia has taken an important step towards integrating its mining capital structure with the major international markets by joining CRIRSCO. Recently Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology has laid out new plans intended to attract more foreign companies to explore the country’s strategic mineral resources. The prospects and on-going changes of Russian Mining Industry will be addressed at MINEX Russia 2013 Mining and Exploration Forum. The main theme of the Forum this year will be “Managing mines during the downturn”. As always, the Forum will provide a powerful and diversified platform for the exchange of experiences and finding the best solutions for increasing efficiency and attracting investment to Russian mining sector (Fig.). The Forum traditionally offers opportunities for organizing multiple business and investor meetings, important announcements, presentations of cutting edge technologies and forging international partnerships. The Forum also offers platform for networking and meetings with government delegations, businesses and investors.



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