Measurement of particle shape and size with dynamic image analysis

The new FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 28 does not only measure the particle size but also supplies reliable statements about the particle shape, via Dynamic Image Analysis. This is ensured by the integrated high-performance camera with 5 megapixels, telecentric lenses as well as the provided comprehensive library with numerous shape parameters. This makes both models of the ANALYSETTE 28 – ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer (Fig.) and ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec – the ideal measuring instruments for easy quality control in various areas of application – and is the fast alternative to sieving. Even evaluation of the measuring results is very simple with the ANALYSETTE 28. The analysis image shows all the particles in the form of a cloud – the FRITSCH Cloud. It offers many more possibilities for recognising the most important measurement statements at a glance. Even external images, for example from a microscope, can be loaded in the evaluation software and evaluated without problems.



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