Mobile Material Feeder type Samson® – Power & Durability

T‌he Mobile Material Feeder of SAMSON Materials Hand-ling is a high performance truck unloader with proven reliability for continuous process industries. It receives bulk materials directly from tipping trucks and loading shovels, providing a buffer storage capacity and a controlled rate discharge. Installed above ground, with no need for deep pits and expensive civil engineering works, it’s a flexible alternative to traditional underground hoppers. Using a wide belt design principle, any material may be reliably conveyed without the risk of bridging or blockage. Tracked or wheeled versions available. Entry designs, enclosure and discharge options tailored to material and operation.

The Material Feeder can be used as a standalone reception unit or can be configured as part of a conveying system permitting efficient transfer of dry bulk materials from source to onward processing. It can convey a multitude of bulk materials where fixed plant is not an option.


No deep pits or underground hoppers

No civil works, giving flexibility of location

Receives directly from a variety of vehicles

Buffer holding capacity allows for continuous outgoing feed rate

Handles dry, dusty, wet and sticky materials

Reduced energy consumption

Easy to maintain and service

Wide apron belt design combines strength of a steel apron feeder with cleanliness of a belt feeder

Flexible side seals prevent spillage and waste

Stand: K06-5


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