New academic master course “Mineral Resource and Process Engineering”

The recovery of mineral resources is one of the world’s major “movements of masses“. Each year, more than 30 billion tons of rock, earths, ores, and energy raw materials are mined worldwide. They form the basis of our modern life and therefore, the raw materials industry offers many career prospects. 


The ideal preparation for it is provided by the Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola THGA) with the new academic master course “Mineral Resource and Process Engineering” which is unique in Germany. The practically oriented course focusing on the topics of resource extraction and further processes will already start in the winter semester 2017/2018 and is offered as full-time course or as extra-occupational part-time study.


According to the head of the degree program, Prof. Dr. Ludger Rattmann, its special feature is the combination of courses and the unusual flexibility. “It is a course with unlimited possibilities: students are free to choose between two branches of study: “Mineral Resource Engineering” or “Process Engineering”. They can arrange their personal lectures independently choosing from a pool of courses.” ­Besides the traditional courses, it contains many practical elements, simulation games, e-learning and individual small-scale projects. In this way, the future engineers are optimally prepared for the development of tactics and techniques on a large scale - “always keeping an eye on the sustainable treatment of natural resources”, adds Prof. Rattmann.


Also integrated in the master course is a research-oriented practical vocational activity in a company or organization of the raw material sector - including the fields of processing, recycling, energy efficiency as well as protection of safety and environment. Apart from engineering contents, the courses impart management skills preparing the student for an employment as an executive. Given the great requirement, nationally and internationally, the lectures at the THGA will be held in both English and German. The course “Mineral Resource Engineering” can also be completed entirely in English.


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