New plant ensures optimum use of raw materials

The company WESTKALK carried out important construction and maintenance measures in the first weeks of the new year 2014. After preceding earthwork and formwork, the family firm has started to place the first foundation for the new primary crushing plant and the high grade chipping plant at the Kallenhardt works (Fig.). Due to its special resource conserving design, this plant is promoted as pilot project by the Ministry of the Environment with about 150 000 €. Now more than 500 m³ of concrete are produced in the concrete mixers for the foundation of 600 m² and 1 m thickness of the high grade chipping plant. The maintenance work in the Warstein works has already been finished. Amongst other things, there WESTKALK replaced the rotor of 8 t of an impact crusher for reasons of wear. Furthermore, its casing was also replaced. The impact crusher is used to comminute limestone from the quarry to a grain size of 0-70 mm for the cement industry.

However, the above operations hardly influence work on the new primary crushing plant and the high grade chipping plant at the Kallenhardt works. Parallel to the foundation work for the high grade chipping plant, there they are already excavating the pit for the foundation of the primary crushing plant, which is scheduled to be finished in the spring. At the beginning of 2015 the new plant technology is scheduled to be completely ready for operation. The long-established traditional company will invest 7.5 million € in this project. WESTKALK will use an innovative technology for the new primary crushing plant leading to improved raw material efficiency and, consequently, a reduced space requirement. Also the high grade chipping plant with its low-noise and low-dust loading plant has special ecological advantages, which will improve energy efficiency at the Kallenhardt location by almost 50 %.

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