One-stop shop for screen panels

Since Schenck Process had previously supplied the Brazilian market with injection-molded screen panels from Australian brand Screenex, setting up a local production site in São Paulo/Brazil sees the company build on local expertise to offer its customers optimum local support and advice. “As parts critical to processes, screen panels require a high degree of process knowledge, short delivery and response times and consistently high quality. Our products and services help our customers to optimize productivity while also reducing overall operating costs,” explains Edgar Blum, President Service & Process Solutions.

Schenck Process is setting standards with Screenex polyurethane and rubber injection-molded screen panels. A closed, computer-controlled process ensures that all Screenex screen panels have consistently high quality dimensions, apertures and properties – and an extended service life. The specific materials and processes used for Screenex screen panels are configured by experienced experts so that customers receive individual screen panels optimized to their application and needs. Depending on configuration and application, Screenex screen panels last up to 400 % longer and have up to 70 % more process efficiency than other screen panel technologies. Much fewer screen panel changes increase system availability and thereby improve efficiency. The investment pays off very quickly thanks to much lower operating costs and an enhanced end product quality. 



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