Optimum stockpiling at low cost

Piling up a stockpile – nothing would seem easier if you look at it from the outside. But professionals in the bulk solids segment know that especially the storage of large product quantities on a stockpile is one aspect that requires especially suitable technical solutions to cut a good figure in the costs balance. As long as the domestic lignite was one of the main energy sources and drivers of economic development in Germany, belt stackers were very popular in open mines. But beyond handling coal, these proven masterful machines are useful for building up kidney-shaped stockpiles. More and more European operators of large sand and gravel plants as well as quarries are discovering the qualities of these technical machines for themselves. Planned new and replacement investments for belt systems often focus on the goal of better stockpile management.

Moerschen GmbH is known primarily for its conveying and handling technology specially designed for heavy bulk solids. Suitable for demanding applications are the belt stackers that the company has included in its portfolio for just under four years (table). At the beginning the units were offered always with an electric winch for height adjustment of the jib, now a hydraulic model is also included in the range. For reliable slewing of the belt, both jib variants have a pivotal traverse of combined sheet steel and sectional steel, two speed-reduction gears and two slewing drives. The winch version covers a slewing range of 250 degrees, the hydraulic version up to 325 degrees.

For lifting and lowering the belt, a powerful derricking joint is installed. In practical use, the infinite lifting and lowering function of the hydraulic belt stacker enabled by a hydraulic cylinder pivoted on the underside impresses not only with its wider slewing range, but with the comfortable, sensor-controlled height adjustment of the jib to the height of the stockpile. During operation with the electric winch with guide pulleys for lifting and lowering the jib, height regulation is also ensured, but requires more effort from the operative at the right time. The general discharge height can be freely chosen in each case. It is predefined by the feed belt, the height of which can be flexibly adjusted. To avoid disruptions in the belt operation at the stacker, zero-maintenance belt idlers are installed at 1-m spacing, with correspondingly shorter spacing under the feed.

The jib and all working units as well as the periphery are engineered in a solid and rugged support structure of sheet steel and sectional steel. Lining with 25-mm-thick Hardox-wear protection plates protects the feed area. The belt stacker is safeguarded against possible storm damage with a ball bearing slewing rim. The precisely coordinated counter jib with its counterweight of concrete slabs also ensures a secure stand and the reliable operation of the unit. The access points, circulation at the operating station and the walkways with railings on the two sides as well as the crossover between the two walkways enable safe access for operating and maintaining every stacker.

Moerschen GmbH undertakes all the preliminary work for the planning and manufacturing tailored to the intended application including foundation statics. From the awarding of the contract to assembly and commissioning, normally only four to five months are estimated. In the meantime, future operators can fall back on other flanking elements from the company’s range of services, such as the dismantling of old plant components and the preparation of the surfaces for the new installation by Moerschen’s technicians.



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