Production of selected mineral aggregates

High-quality sands and gravels long ago evolved into special products, as a result of rising demands for quality. In many sectors, classical wheel-loader aggregate mixes have now become inadequate for the compositions demanded for the saleable product in question. The requirements set down in standards also nowadays frequently necessitate the use of high-accuracy technologies to permit adherence to bulk-product formulations. This new trend, which has arisen in recent years, is increasingly resulting in the use of metering systems even in small and medium-sized enterprises which have recognised and begun to exploit the resultant market and cost-side advantages.

Systems which permit the combination of a series of specific features are recommendable in the ideal case. A natural precondition is simple but robust construction, in terms both of the basic technology and also of the necessary peripherals, such as control and operation facilities. This is exactly the profile of the König/Tegethoff RD-700 series. Even the basic standard specification of this aggregate blender can produce the entire spectrum of sand mixtures and particle distributions. This system has been successfully penetrating the market since 2009, and has also been continuously further developed. The current generation constitutes a symbiosis of simple technology and complex potential applications.

The modular system, for example, permits a freely selectable and infinitely expandable number of feed hoppers. Pan mixers assure the necessary homogeneity. The up to 70 t capacities of the individual silos and a throughput rate of up to 700 t/h enables this compact machine to attain output ranges which are otherwise the preserve of fixed high-throughput metering systems.

The machine‘s precision control system proves also to be equally important in attaining optimum performance yield. In addition to its ease of operation, the RD-700 scores here with its user-friendliness, even for new operators, and its many diverse potentials. The control system, which can be programmed at will via the display and an open-text dialog system, assures dependably constant quality in the products generated thanks to its spot‑on precision feeding of the individual fractions required. In addition to the assurance of a continuously standard-conformant product, mechanical metering in the RD-700 aggregate blender also offers an extra benefit: material composition can be optimised on commercial criteria within the scope of the permissible tolerances for the particular grading curve specified. Up to 999 formulation variants can be stored directly in the RD‑700. A separate client-provided PC permits graphic display of the grading curves to customers for the purposes of documentation and, where necessary, evidence. And the RD-700 series offers even more: coded chip-card control also permits lower-cost unmanned feeding directly onto road vehicles.

Tegethoff Dosiertechnik, one of this segment‘s most experienced manufacturers, is nowadays entitled to regard itself as a pioneer and a technological leader. The fact that these aggregate blenders have been developed and constructed by practitioners for practitioners is demonstrated by the highly individual potential uses, which leave nothing more to be desired. The same also applies to mobility: the RD-700 is additionally available as a skid-mounted mobile machine, and also on a road-legal trailer chassis, in addition to the stationary version. The machine‘s success confirms the manufacturer‘s claims: the RD-700 long ago established a name for itself in the industry. This is borne out even by the figure of more than fifty machines already delivered and currently in use throughout Europe alone. Marketing of this equipment is handled throughout north-western and eastern Germany by Christophel Maschinenhandel GmbH, and by direct sales in southern Germany.


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