RM Xperience Days 2015 with new developments

240 customers and sales partners from all over the world accepted the invitation of RUBBLE MASTER (RM) to take part in the RM Xperience Days in Linz on 18 and 19 September. The excellently organized program included plant tours at the headquarters of the company covering certain topics. Furthermore, RUBBLE MASTER presented various technical innovations (Fig. 1).

During the tours the guests received an insight into the company philosophy, the concept and the specific design of the brand RUBBLE MASTER. The worldwide RM Lifetime Support including 24-hour hotline and the RM Academy were also presented. “At RUBBLE MASTER the business relationship begins once the machine has been purchased,” says CEO Gerald Hanisch, emphasising the importance of customer loyalty measures. Events such as the RM Xperience Days are just one example of the numerous activities initiated by RUBBLE MASTER to offer customers and sales partners a comprehensive service also after the contract has been signed. The RM Academy, the company’s own training centre with the very latest technology, customer loyalty programmes and lifetime machine service are just as important to RM as the innovative further development of the machines.

One particular highlight was the RM product demo in which four of the RM crushers were in action, each processing two different materials (Fig. 2). The RM 60, RM 70GO! 2.0, RM 90GO!, RM 100GO!, and the new swivelling refeeding belts with mesh deck screen were shown in action (Fig. 3). RM is also launching a hybrid option for its crushers under the name of RM TWO GO!. Many of the enthusiastic customers seized the opportunity there and then to purchase one of the crushers shown.

RM 60 – compact class

The RM 60 (Fig. 4) is the most compact crusher from RUBBLE MASTER and the ideal choice for newcomers in the field of recycling. Like the larger plants, the RM 60 can also be combined with efficient components, such as a primary and a final screen. Thus, it would be a complete and mobile recycling centre, which produces up to 80 t/h of cubic final grain size.

RM 70GO! 2.0 – even stronger and even quieter

The next development of the RM 70GO! bears the name RM 70GO! 2.0 and offers an even better performance thanks to the new engine (Fig. 5). The crusher unit itself has also been modified. The result is even more homogeneous aggregate, which the “tuned” mobile crusher proved in impressive style when processing concrete and natural stone at the product demo. The power for the 19 t mobile impact crusher comes from a Tier 3/Stage IIIa John Deere diesel engine. The constant speed engine runs more quietly because of the lower speed and makes the RM 70GO! the ideal choice of machine for use in noise-sensitive areas. The constant speed engine is authorised in Europe in addition to the Tier 4 engines.

RM 90GO! – even more flexible with swivelling refeeding belt

“We think in terms of solutions,” emphasises CEO Gerald Hanisch. With this in mind the RM 80GO! from RUBBLE MASTER has been enhanced systematically and is now presented as the RM 90GO! making it easier to differentiate between the new version and its predecessor (Fig. 6). The extremely high-torque and robust constant speed engine not only makes it more efficient and quieter but also even less susceptible to downtime and more versatile than the predecessor model. Additionally, one fundamental difference to the old model is the new swivelling refeeding belt RM RFB7540GO!. The closed loop can be reconfigured to an additional discharge belt at the push of a single button in a very short time, enabling the user to produce another fraction quite easily.

RM TWO GO! – where electric and diesel-hydraulic merge

The electric version of the normally diesel-hydraulic driven RM crushers has already been established with customers for a number of years. With the option of equipping a crusher with RM TWO GO!, RUBBLE MASTER now offers its customers an “application crossover” featuring the best of both worlds. You can choose to use the crusher with the proven direct drive of the diesel engine or via an additional, purely electric drive. As a result, RM TWO GO! means that zero-emission crushing is now possible for the first time with one and the same hybrid machine. Work in tunnels, buildings and underground where emissions are to be avoided can now be handled quickly and easily using machines which feature RM TWO GO!.

RM kart race for customers and partners

In addition to the technical highlights, a varied supporting program was also on the agenda. Saturday saw customers and sales partners competing against each other in a kart race. Drivers battled for victory with the accent on fun and friendship at the RM racetrack in Linz Südpark.

“Versatile, efficient and innovative – this is how our mobile crushers are. And our customers also appreciate this with the machines in daily use. The fact that once again some 240 customers and sales partners from all corners of the globe visited us is confirmation that with our crushers we always offer the best technological solution for the requirements of our customers,” says Gerald Hanisch, RUBBLE MASTER CEO (Fig. 7). “From Columbia and South Africa to Latvia – our guests were extremely enthusiastic about the new RM products and the importance we attach to customer relationships and service,” emphasises Hanisch. “And many of the enthusiastic customers seized the opportunity there and then to purchase one of the crushers shown.”



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