Raw material boom in Africa

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The African continent has many strategic raw materials, which are interesting for the economy of the world, such as oil, gold, diamonds and ores. The influence of the mining industry in Africa is increasing due to the worldwide shortage of raw materials and the involved increasing demand for mineral and metallic raw materials. In his article Mining possibilities in Africa, Dr. Harder describes which countries and mining projects are at the centre of focus for the international mining industry, demonstrated by the example of the most important resources (p. 46). Above all, China is interested in the direct access to Africa’s commodities. In the category Focus Industry another aspect of the raw material boom in Africa is dealt with. REMA TIP TOP reports on the Development of the conveyor industry in South Africa’s raw material market (p. 34). Conveying and storage is also in the focus of other reports and will also be the topic of the Beltcon 17 – The International Materials Handling Conference and Exhibition (p. 9), which will take place in Johannesburg/South Africa on 6 and 7 August 2013.

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