Recycling and Raw Material Conference in Berlin

What can recycling contribute to raw material securing against the background of the current national, European and international developments? Where are the limits and what are the general conditions required to achieve the optimum?

The technical-logistic instruments comprise the following measures:

•   control of the material flow,

•  pretreatment for depollution and preliminary degradation,

•  processing to extract secondary raw materials from waste and

•  utilization of secondary raw materials.

The increasing complexity of production and products is a challenge for research, development and industry. Technical innovations can only be part of a holistic solution.

The critical analysis of the current market developments and strategies is also important. Thus, it is possible to take countermeasures early as regards undesirable trends. Taking into account the rapid product and market developments of today, it is also necessary to question regularly for which raw materials the supply could become critical, which raw materials should be rated as strategic for the economy and in which waste flows there are potentials.

The annual Berlin Recycling and Raw Material Conference pursues just this object. It provides an overview of the state of the art, of the future challenges and of the political activities.

The conference will take place in Berlin on 16. and 17. March 2015. 350 participants are expected. The professors Daniel Goldmann and Karl H. Thomé-Kozmiensky will chair the recycling conference.

Daniel Goldmann has been a professor at the Institute of Processing, Landfilling Technology and Geomechanics at Clausthal University since 2008. Karl Thomé-Kozmiensky was a professor for waste management at Berlin Technical University until he retired in 2003. Since the 1970s he has regularly chaired congresses and conferences dealing with topics such as raw materials and recycling, product responsibility, production and utilization of refuse-derived fuel, sewage sludge disposal, thermal processes of waste processing, improvement of garbage dumps and former deposit restoration as well as planning and acceptance.

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