Recycling of 100 000 tonnes of highway concrete 

“Greater flexibility, higher performance, faster implementation of large projects” – this is how Ferdinand Polixmair describes the challenges of the increasingly fast-moving mineral processing business. With 8 employees and a very remarkable machinery fleet, the Polixmair GmbH from Gmunden can compete in the market very well. “We can handle up to 4 major projects in parallel, we have the team and the machines available. Moreover we have no regional restrictions, we cover whole Austria”, explains company owner Ferdinand Polixmair.

Third Rockster crusher in the machinery fleet

By the summer of 2015 Polixmair had 2 out of 3 mobile crushing plants in operation from Rockster. “We have been working with Rockster crushers for about 2.5 years and are very satisfied with the equipment. The two R900 impact crushers are very quick and easy to transport on our own truck, making us flexible and quick in setting up”, says ­Polixmair. Since the mineral processing business is hard and the company doesn’t want to reject projects, the family decided to purchase an even bigger Rockster crusher. Already during the Mawev show in March 2015, they checked out the R1100 series of the Austrian crusher manufacturer and decided some months later to buy an R1100D. It has a significantly larger feed hopper, a 200 mm wider inlet opening and a higher throughput compared to the R900. “To avoid complicated special permits for transport we were looking for a plant with less than 40 tonnes, but still providing good performance. This goal was definitely achieved with the R1100D. With use of screen box and return belt we crush on average 200 tonnes of asphalt per hour to 0-32 mm and about 150 tonnes of concrete to 0-32 mm. The magnetic separator works properly and the final grain is of excellent quality”, explains Polixmair.

Recycling of 100 000 tonnes of highway concrete

A big current project is the reconstruction of the highway A10 in Salzburg, where 100 000 tonnes of highway concrete need to be recycled. Polixmair got the contract and is currently preparing 5000 tonnes of concrete per week, producing high quality final material with 0-32 mm, which is used for stabilization and fillings in road construction. The project will continue until the summer 2016. “Our new Rockster plant is even more efficient and can handle larger projects in a shorter time”, says Polixmair.

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