Resource-conserving dust binding

A lot of dust is raised during demolition and rebuilding measures in residential areas (Fig.) or during recycling. In order to protect staff members and residents against particles harmful for their health, the dust must be bound. In the past fire hoses were frequently used. However, with this method some areas are not reached or only hardly reached, others are flooded. The latter will finally lead to a silting up of the site. “This kind of dust binding is neither effective nor does it correspond to the environmental demands of today”, explained Ekkehard Gränz, Managing Director of LST Equipment GmbH.

The experts at LST have developed long-range dust binding systems. A large number of nozzles ensure atomizing covering the whole area. The carefully controlled targeting of the area to be covered as well as the possibility to control the spray mist contribute to conserving the resources. As opposed to conventional c-hoses, the products from Zwickau consume up to 70 % less water. As regards the quick availability, the dust binding systems from LST are also favourable, i.e. the operator only needs a water and current connection and the plant is ready for operation. If the area to be covered should exceed the capacity of a machine, various units can be connected in series without any problem.

More than 300 units sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland argue in favour of the efficiency, high quality and easy handling. Of course, the dust binding systems are not only offered for sale, but also for short or long-term leasing. “Various plants from our company have been running at sites in Stuttgart and Dresden for more than two years”, reported Gränz. He knows that customers using the leased equipment for such a long period do not want to lower their requirements regarding competent maintenance and quick supply of spare parts: “We guarantee this with 15 competent leasing and service partners in Germany and Austria”, said the managing director of LST.

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