Schenck Process launches high-performance, high availability DF704 exciter

High performance, high availability, long service life and low maintenance are the characteristics that operations engineers look for in an exciter mechanism to drive linear motion vibrating screens and feeders in quarrying, mining and steelmaking. With an exciter force output of 1000 kN the new DF704 exciter model from Schenck Process ensures high operational performance and economic efficiency. The largest Schenck Process vibrating screens and conveyors will now typically need only two exciters rather than three. High availability makes the DF704 ideal for continuous flow operation. The use of spherical roller bearings allows for shaft bending and reduces single-edged bending loads, providing a long service life and smooth operation. The bearing life of the DF704 is at least 20 000 hours at the intended operation speed. Moreover, serial production has cut the delivery lead time for new machines, while the Schenck Process exciter exchange and refurbishment service eliminates the risk of prolonged downtime.

Maintenance is limited to an oil change or an oil-level check at the prescribed intervals. “The Schenck Process directed force exciter model series has a long pedigree dating back to the late 1930s. They are now in use around the world,” commented Gordon Ashley, Chief Engineer, Screens, Schenck Process Australia Pty Ltd. Over time, screens have become larger and exciter force output was limited by shaft bending. Then in 2004, Schenck Process launched the DF504, rearranging segments into four per shaft to deliver 20 % more force with less bending.

“The DF704 is the latest development, taking advantage of the roller bearings from well-known suppliers such as FAG and SKF. It is the largest exciter in the directed force range, which now covers forces outputs from 43 kN all the way up to 1000 kN/112.3 tons, fulfilling expectations in even the toughest mining environments,” added Gordon Ashley, Chief Engineer, Screens, Schenck Process Australia Pty Ltd. The DF704S exciter has been on display at MINExpo in Las Vegas, September 26-28, 2016.


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