Screening technology for dry, fine material

HAVER NIAGARA introduces the new further optimized and technically innovated HAVER FINE-LINE screening machine. The high-quality screen configuration at lower operating costs is completed by a significant improved handling.

The HAVER FINE-LINE can be used for fine dry material, from a cut point of 4.0 mm to 0.1 mm. An optimum result is guaranteed, even when treating a material that is difficult to screen. Close attention was paid to the clients` needs and the opportunity was offered with our FINE-LINE to upgrade their waste material to a saleable product.

One of the most important improvements is the easy and comfortable screen cloth exchange. Within 5 minutes customers will be able to change the screen cloth tool less, comfortable and partially (instructional video on The advanced side maintenance doors allow easy access, the machine operator does not have to get into the machine in order to change the screen media. The optimum tension of the screen cloth has been simplified by the new visual display. The correct tension values will be presented on the machine outside. The effective cleaning cycles combined with our self-cleaning-screen cloth reduce clogged particles and ensure consistent product quality. In addition to the HAVER FINE-LINE enhancement the related vibrating feeder was optimized. The innovative vibration mode guarantees a constant uniform material feeding over the complete width of the screen with the smallest installation space. A major advantage of the new FINE-LINE generation is the possible integration of the vibrating feeder. As a consequence you reduce the installation height and avoid additional costs for the steel construction.

Because of the easy and comfortable screen cloth exchange it is possible to reduce the maintenance time. Reduced power consumption – just under 0,5 kW/t - minimizes energy costs. In fact it means, that one increases the profit per ton by taking advantage of our HAVER NIAGARA technology. The FINE-LINE convinces by the modular design up to three decks. Moreover, the FINE-LINE is a completely assembled screening machine and is characterized by a quick on-site installation and commissioning. It stands out for a cost-effective container transport and a short-term worldwide delivery.

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