Separating impurities from quartz

Based in Upper Austria, the Feichtinger KG has been extracting quartz since 1972. With currently 18 employees, the company supplies around 30 000 t quartz per year to RW silicium GmbH.

To meet the buyer’s increasing requirements, it was necessary to remove the impurities (green and red stones in the high-quality quartz) (Fig. 1). In 2012 Feichtinger KG sent its first enquiry regarding the separation of these impurities with a sensor-based sorting machine. Together with the customer, BT-Wolfgang Binder conducted several successful sorting tests, and a visit was arranged to Leube, a company based in Golling that has already had two REDWAVE mineral sorters in operation for years. It was also possible to comply with the customer’s request to connect the sorter directly to the existing screen so as to minimize the influence on ongoing operation (Fig. 2). As a result, costs and space could be minimized.

The REDWAVE 1300 S mineral sorter has been in operation since June 2013 (Fig. 3). The machine was installed and the equipment adapted by the customer. Joachim und Fritz Feichtinger, owners of Feichtinger KG: “We were convinced by the REDWAVE technology and the existing reference plant at Leube. We are very satisfied with the sorting.”


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