Sizer for primary crushing

In connection with a retrofit project, HAZEMAG supplied one of the most modern and progressive crushers to the lime work Dugny/France, Lhoist Group. A well-aged jaw crusher has been replaced by this new HAZEMAG sizer. Thanks to the focused project management and the concept of the sizer, the downtime of the plant has been minimized and the production almost doubled.

Intelligent, energy efficient and continuous crushing

With a roll diameter of one meter and a roll length of two meters, the new HAZEMAG sizer HCS 1020 achieves a throughput of 700 t/h, which almost doubles the capacity of the previous installed jaw crusher. The medium hard limestone with an edge length of up to 1200 mm is crushed in the HAZEMAG sizer HCS 1020 to D97 < 250 mm without any restriction. This would not have been possible with the old jaw crusher and could only be achieved thanks to the intelligent and patented crushing tools of the sizer. Without any interruption, the limestone is crushed in the sizer within seconds in a tight area. One of the main project objectives was to install the new sizer in the existing plant. With an intelligent concept, the HAZEMAG sizer was installed without major modifications to the existing plant.

The international Lhoist Group is one of the leading companies in this field and is continuously optimizing their operations to reduce operating cost. For this reason, Dugny decided to change the system from jaw crusher to sizer. Another objective for this replacement was not only to increase the plant capacity, but at the same time to optimize the shape of the crushed stone. The stone size below 40 mm is not suitable for the downstream process in the shaft furnace and is consequently eliminated by a screen. This is resulting in additional cost for the material handling. On the other hand, oversized material is also problematic, as the calcination in the furnace is not completed and additional energy has to be introduced. With the HAZEMAG sizer HCS 1020, the amount auf < 40 mm has been reduced by 4-5 % and the oversized has also been limited. The optimized product size distribution resulted in a reduction of energy consumption in the calcination process in the shaft furnace of 3-4 %.

Stand: B2.526


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